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Tactical MRR

Tactical MRR


MSRP: 13995 DKK Incl. VAT

The new lock on the Sabatti Tactical EVO rifle is one of the best currently available on the market. The result of two years of work, it is engineered to provide resistance, longevity and accuracy. The main feature of the new lock on the Sabatti Tactical EVO rifle is that it is free to float within the stock as it rests "suspended" on two supports that eliminate clutch stresses.

The bolt with three locking blocks is also new and offers a quick 60° opening as well as a replaceable bolt button (5/16" thread). The bolt fits a new 17-4PH steel extractor for a more secure grip spent cartridge, even under very high pressures.The slight notches and excellent chrome finish on the bolt surface ensure a smooth, silent operation rarely - if ever - found in competing products.

The opening angle of 60° provides quick operation and keeps the lock and barrel perfectly aligned. The charging arm has a removable bolt knob installed on a standard 5/16" thread, making it interchangeable with any other aftermarket bolt knob currently available.

The new Sabatti Tactical EVO rifle is equipped with a three-lever Match trigger capable of top-notch performance. The tactical EVO US model comes standard with an interchangeable trigger group.

The quality level of Sabatti pipes is well known and appreciated globally. A point of pride for Sabatti is the Multi-Radial Rifling on the barrels used on their precision rifles: an important feature - though not the only one - that contributes to the success that both Sabatti barrels and rifles are experiencing in many countries.

The Sabatti Tactical EVO rifle comes standard with a cylindrical barrel with a diameter of 28 mm. A Tactical EVO US variant is also available for the US market with a 22mm diameter conical barrel at the muzzle. The rifling pitch and geometry of the multi-radial rifling found on Sabatti Tactical EVO barrels have been further improved for superior performance. All pipes come with a standard protected 5/8" pipe thread for mounting mufflers and other accessories.

The fiberglass reinforced nylon stock has been modified to accommodate the new Tactical EVO lock. The handle is coated with a special compound to provide a better grip and increased resistance to scratches. The front of the stock is partially pre-drilled internally to mount external accessories such as rails and bipods.

The adjustment options for the stock remain largely the same as already found on the previous Sabatti Tactical rifle models. By adjusting the adjustment screws, the cheek pad can be adjusted in height and laterally. The stock has a rubber shoulder pad, and the stock's length of pull can be extended with the optional spacers that Sabatti offers in its catalog.

Technical specifications

Model: Xtrahunt Blizzard
Type: Bolt-Action rifle
Caliber: 308 Winchester, 8x57 JS, 6.5 Creedmoor, 270 Winchester
Rifling: Multi radial, with cold hammer forged barrel
Action: 3 lug action
Trigger: 2 lever trigger, 3 lbs / 1.4 kg weight
Safety: Manual, 2 positions
Capacity: 6 shots magazine
Sight systems: No sights; zero MOA Picatinny rail mounted on the action
Barrel: 56 cm / 22”; 16 mm at muzzle, with
Weight: 3.2 kg / 7 lbs
Stock: Wood, walnut

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