Authorized ShotKam Distributor in the ENTIRE Nordic region

Here you will find Shotkam product images and logo in our Shotkam media kit .

Shotkam is an innovative manufacturer of cameras designed specifically for hunting and shooting. Their unique products allow hunters to record and analyze their shots to improve their technique and performance. With an integrated high-speed sensor, Shotkam's cameras capture every moment of the shot, giving hunters valuable insight into their shooting skills. Shotkam's products solve the challenge of evaluating and improving accuracy and help hunters achieve better results. By using Shotkam's products, hunters are able to fine-tune their skills, increase their success rate and gain more confidence in their abilities.

ShotKam wholesaler in Denmark

Are you considering including ShotKam in your range in the hunting shop? You can easily start the process by clicking on the "Become a Reseller" button, which you will find at the bottom of our website. Fill out the form to become an official dealer of ShotKam. XtraHunt is the authorized wholesaler of ShotKam in Denmark and the rest of the Nordic region.

Why trade ShotKam?

Perhaps you are wondering why it is a good idea to offer ShotKam in your store? ShotKam differentiates itself significantly from other action cameras on the market by offering users a unique opportunity to refine their shooting skills and become better shooters. This makes it a highly sought after hunting gear that will undoubtedly attract more customers to your store.