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Et billede af Shotkam, verdens mest kraftfulde træningskamera.


ShotKam is the world's most powerful training camera. It easily attaches to your race and records in 4K quality. With Shotkam, you quickly become a better shooter and immortalize your hunting experiences.

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Experience the ultimate thermal and night vision equipment with HIKMICRO. Thermal cameras give you a decisive advantage in the world of hunting. Whether it's dusk or total darkness, you can spot game with precision and ease. With fantastic image quality and advanced thermal imaging technology, you ensure that nothing goes unnoticed.

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Reolink is a leader in 4G wildlife cameras. With Reolink, you can monitor and document wildlife on your territory. Follow all video recordings of your area through the Reolink App. These game cameras deliver impressive image quality.

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The Spypoint game camera is widespread on the market, with its all-in-one solution. Quickly set up your Spypoint game camera with pre-installed SIM card. You will then receive style images of your territory. We carry all Spypoint models.

Upgrade your game experience with the Spypoint game camera!

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Welcome to Xtrahunt - Your Leading Hunting Wholesale Partner for Thermal and Digital Equipment

Do you want to explore the wild with the most advanced hunting equipment? Welcome to Xtrahunt, your trusted source for premium thermal and digital hunting gear. As a recognized distributor of leading hunting and outdoor brands, our commitment to quality, innovation and excellence is unmatched.

Specialists in Thermal and Digital Equipment for Hunting

We understand that modern hunters seek the best equipment to achieve success in their hunt. Xtrahunt are proud to be specialists in thermal and digital equipment for hunting. Our range includes state-of-the-art thermal binoculars and cameras as well as advanced digital solutions that give hunters a superior advantage in the field.

Distributor of Hikmicro, ATN, Reolink and More: Quality you can Trust

When you partner with Xtrahunt, you can be sure to access quality brands such as Hikmicro, synonymous with advanced thermal technology, ATN with their innovative night vision solutions, Reolink with their reliable surveillance products and much more. We do not compromise on quality, as we know that hunters deserve the best.

Your Success is Our Priority

As a hunting wholesaler, we always strive to ensure our customers' success. Our expert team is dedicated to advising you on the best products for your customers' needs. We are not just a supplier, but a partner committed to your growth and success as a retailer.

Contact Denmark's Leading Hunting Wholesaler in Thermal Hunting Equipment

Are you ready to take your hunting business to the next level? Contact Xtrahunt today and discover our impressive range of thermal and digital hunting equipment. Whether it's thermal binoculars for night hunting or advanced digital solutions for optimizing shot precision, we are your reliable partner for quality, expertise and success in hunting and outdoors. Together we explore the great outdoors and bring the best products to your customers - because your success is our goal.