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Hikmicro - Thunder Pro Thermal Binoculars 50mm

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The Thunder Series is a rifle binoculars with thermal optics. The thermal optics are an image based on heat. That is, you can see the difference between hot and cold objects. The Thunder series is a must in search of the dawn of darkness. It gives a nice and sharp image, which provides a safe meeting point. The Thunder series is available both as a Clip-On and as a standalone binoculars. The Thunder series is equipped with an OLED screen which provides high contrast and brightness. In addition, the resolution is mostly better than an LCOS monitor.

Video function: With all HikMicro products you can record video of what you see in the product. That is, you can immortalize shots with the Thunder, and immortalize cool hunting experiences with the Lynx, Owl, and Gryphon.

- Up to 2600 meters
- 640x512 Sensor
- OLED screen 1024x768
- IP67 waterproof
- Weight 487 g.

3 year warranty on all HikMicro products