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Sporting Pro

Sporting Pro


MSRP: 17.495 DKK Incl. VAT

The Sabatti Sporting Pro is an over-and-under sporting shotgun with some amazing features. Its robust Anson Deeley design lock is machined from a single forged steel block for extra structural resistance. The barrels are made of special steel, ground, chrome plated and coupled in accordance with Sabatti's strictest quality standards.

The Sporting Pro shotgun features a single, non-selective trigger, a large ventilation rib, and an additional optical fiber optic sight for fast and instinctive aiming. Five interchangeable extended chokes provide versatility and the ability to use in different conditions.

The selected walnut wood furniture is treated with oil and has a durable "Optowood" finish. The cane, which has a pistol grip and a rubberized shoulder pad, can be adjusted in height and laterally.

Technical specifications

  • Trigger: Single trigger
  • race: Above-and-below, smooth bore
  • Bark: Sports shooting, adjustable
  • Locking system: Anson & Deeley modified box lock
  • Receiver material: Steel
  • Magazine: Manual
  • Magazine capacity: 2 shots
  • Deducts weight: 1.8-2 kg / 4-4.40 pounds
  • Security: Manual, the slide button
  • Exhausts: Automatic
  • Aiming: Fiber optic front sight on ribs
  • Rib: Ventilated
  • Running length: 76 cm / 30"
  • Running material: Steel
  • Race finish: Blued
  • Shocker: Yes, external, replaceable
  • Front piece: With bottom release arm
  • Stock material: Walnut
  • Stock finish: Optowood coating
  • Length: 124 cm / 49"
  • Weight: 3.5 kg / 7.7 pounds


  • 12/70

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