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Shot comb Gen. 4

Shot comb Gen. 4


MSRP: 5999 DKK Incl. VAT

Shotkam Gen.4 is the last new model intended for mounting on rifles.

Follow your shot with ShotKam Slow Motion Replay directly on your smartphone. With ShotKam you can quickly optimize your shooting. The camera is mounted via the supplied assembly.

Shot comb can be mounted on all types.

The package includes everything you need to quickly get started with your new ShotKam Slow Motion Replay Camera:

Technical specifications

  • Zoom: 8x
  • Memory: internal 128 GB Micro SD card
  • Video format: 4K
  • Wi-Fi allows you to connect your ShotKam to any iPad/tablet/smartphone
  • Waterproof: ShotKam is 100% weatherproof
  • The following phones are compatible with ShotKam: Android mobile devices from 2015 or later. • Apple: iPhone 6 or later, and all iPads from 2015 or later. • Google Pixel 4 or later
  • Battery: Internal rechargeable lithium-ion battery
  • Operating time: Up to 15 hours.
  • Weight: 170g

The content of the package

  • Assembly to cal. 12 included
  • Tools for assembly
  • USB charging cable and adapter
  • Bag for safe storage
  • Assembly instructions are included so you are sure to get the most out of your new Shotkam
Download SHOT COMB GEN. 4 opsætnings guide View full details