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Black Fire

Black Fire Boar Bait Pack (6-pack)

Black Fire Boar Bait Pack (6-pack)

MSRP: 129 DKK Incl. VAT

We have put together this pack of Black Fire lures, targeting wild boar. Through our Swedish and Finnish colleagues, this combo package of selected lures has proven to be very effective.

The package includes Black Fire Tar tar attractant, as well as 2 different scented salts which are either sprinkled on the ground or mixed with the grain in your feed barrel.

In this package, we have selected the 2 scented salts, which are respectively Korn and the scent Farm.

It is important not to overuse the Black Fire products, with which you can scare the game with too strong a scent. Start by tarring the wood with Black Fire Tar tar, and then sprinkle or sometimes scent salts away from the tar, but in the same area of ​​your feedlot.

By separating the products, you can also quickly document via your game camera which scent salt your wild boars prefer and which you should use in the future.

The package contains 6x 0.5l bottles of bait.


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