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Panther 2.0 LRF PH35L 2.0

Panther 2.0 LRF PH35L 2.0

Hikmicro: Thermal Scope

SKU: SKU:PH35L 2.0

MSRP: 20.795 DKK Incl. VAT

Panther 2.0 is the ultimate solution for hunters. These thermal scopes impress with their incredible clarity and accurate distance measurement. With a sensitivity of less than 20 mK NETD, they capture fine details in any environment, even in poor weather and low light.

Panther 2.0 delivers vivid images that ensure reliable game recognition and maximum hunting success. The built-in laser rangefinders provide accurate measurements that are essential for safe shots.

Panther 2.0 has a compact and robust construction that can handle extreme conditions from -30 °C to +55 °C as well as humid weather and heavy rain. Their high impact resistance makes them suitable for larger calibers. With replaceable and rechargeable batteries, you are guaranteed power throughout the day.

3 year warranty on all HikMicro products

    Technical specifications

    Thermal Module

    • Image Sensor: Uncooled Focal Plane Array
    • Maximum resolution: 384 × 288
    • Frame rate: 50 Hz
    • Lens (focal length): 35mm
    • Field of view: 7.53° x 5.65°
    • Mine. focusing distance: 2m
    • Aperture: F1.0
    • Magnification: 3.03×

    Image display

    • Screen: 1024x768, 0.39 inch, OLED
    • FFC (Flat Field Correction) mode: Auto, Manual, External Correction
    • Picture Mode: Black Hot, White Hot, Red Hot, Fusion
    • Exit pupil: 6mm
    • Eye distance: 45mm
    • Diopter (range): -5 D to 3 D

    In general

    • Protection level: IP67
    • Weight: Less than 518g without eyepiece and batteries
    • Dimension: 200.38 x 66.32 x 87.10 mm
    • Operating Temperature/Humidity: -30°C to 55°C (-22°F to 131°F)


    • Port: Type-C


    • Recording video: On-board video recording
    • Take snapshot: Yes
    • Hotspot: Yes
    • Storage: Built-in EMMC (16 GB)
    • Uniformity correction: Yes
    • PIP (Picture-in-Picture): Yes
    • DPC (Dead Pixel Correction): Yes
    • Digital zoom: 1X, 2X, 4X, 8X
    • Sieve grain: Yes

    Power supply

    • Battery type: One rechargeable Lithium battery
    • Battery operating time: Up to 6 hours of continuous operation (@25°C, WiFi and CVBS off)
    • Battery capacity display: Yes
    • Anti-reverse Battery connection: Yes
    • Overcurrent protection: Yes

    Laser Distance Meter

    • Safety class for laser: Class 1
    • Wavelength: 905nm
    • Maximum measuring range: 600m
    • Measurement accuracy: ±1m
    • Minimum measurement range: 10m

    The content of the package

    • Quick Start Guide
    • 2x Battery: CR1235
    • Cloth
    • USB cable
    • Bag
    • Battery charger
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