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Hikmicro - Gryphon 25mm

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HikMicro's Gryphon model is the brand new shot at the stem within thermal. The new Gryphon is a mix of thermal and digital. This means that when purchasing an IR lamp, you can use all the properties from the thermal and all the properties from the digital. That is, you can now see stems, teeth, and other things on the animal that are not hot.

Video function: With all HikMicro products you can record video of what you see in the product. That means you can immortalize shots with the Thunder, and immortalize cool hunting experiences with the Lynx, Owl and Gryphon.

- Up to 1200 meters
- 384x288 sensor
- 25mm lens
- Up to 6 hours battery
- IP67 Waterproof
- Weight: 480 g.

3 year warranty on all HikMicro products