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SBP01-SP03 QR Picanttiney Assembly

SBP01-SP03 QR Picanttiney Assembly


MSRP: 2.850 DKK Incl. VAT

Quick Release mounting with 30mm rings H 7.5 center 34.8mm.

Handle on the left for Picatinny rails for all 30mm tube scopes.

Quick Release system patented by Contessa that guarantees return to zero between one release and another.

Quick release assembly in black steel.

Made in Italy of the highest quality.

Technical specifications

Fits to

  • Contessa QR mount for Blaser rifles - Pulsar Thermion

These mounts have a Quick release system that is patented by Contessa and guarantees a return to the zero point between each disassembly and reassembly. This means that when you detach and remount the scope using the QR mount, it will retain its precision and ensure consistent accuracy. The Contessa QR mount provides convenience and allows for easy removal and remounting of the Pulsar Thermion thermal scope without compromising accuracy.

The content of the package

  • Contessa SBP01
  • Titanium screws and wrenches for assembly.
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