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Black Fire

Black Fire Predator Lure

Black Fire Predator Lure

MSRP: 350 DKK Incl. VAT

Black Fire Predator is a natural and highly effective attractant of all kinds of predators, including fox, badger, raccoon, jackal and others.

The lure has an integrated sponge, with which you can easily apply and drip the lure on the desired area.

See our PREDATOR GUIDE for how to use the Black Fire Predator with the greatest possible success.

Each box comes with three bottles of each a different scent. This way you can easily test which smell works best in your area.

Dr. Black Fire has been refining the scents for almost two years. The process of finding the right smell has therefore been long to ensure you a successful lure.


    • Aroma (Wild, Farm & Ocean)

    The content of the package

    • 3 bottles of Predator lure (each bottle weighs 80g)
    • Extra 3 bottle caps
    • Instructions
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