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Black Fire Nordic Line Salt Lure

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Black Fire Nordic Line is the latest lure based on salts mixed with selected fruit aromas.

There are 4 different fruit aroma scents and they are carefully selected according to the fruit ripening season. These fruit aromas, such as plum or chestnut, are insanely attractive to red deer, roe deer, wild boar, muffle and other game.

In addition to the Nordic fragrances, there has also been Black fire special.

Which is a salt that is also mixed with the feed which is with tar and anise.

This is a salt that the wild boars hit hard.

The package contains 6x bottles of the same fragrance. If you have not yet tested the right Black Fire salty scent yet, try our combi packages, where we have mixed selected scents for the respective wildlife.

Available scents:

  • Apple
  • Farm
  • Flower
  • Grain
  • Special
The Nordic Line product line has been tested in many different European hunting areas, from cold Scandinavia to warm Spain, Portugal and the epicenter of wild boar hunting in Europe - France.

See our NORDIC LINE GUIDE for proper use of Nordic Line for best results.

Black Fire Nordic Line is based on sodium and chloride minerals, which are essential for wildlife to survive.


  • Non-iodized salt
  • Fruit aroma