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Beartooth - Scopeguard 2.0 - Optics Protector

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Beartooth Scopeguard 2.0 protects your rifle binoculars while hunting and driving. The scopeguard protection is shock-absorbing, water-repellent and made of silent materials. That is, neither velcro nor plastic. Scopeguard is made with holes both in the front and back, which makes it possible to shoot with the protection on. This also makes it easy and quick to mount, as you do not have to remove the rifle binoculars during use.

Beartooth is an American product manufactured in Montana, USA. The products are extremely durable and work great for hunting. A small note, however, is if you have a ballistics tower on the rifle binoculars, Scopeguard is a problem, as you do not have access to it on top of the rifle binoculars.

- Shock absorbing
- Water repellent
- Made of silent materials
- Useful for hunting and transport