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Beartooth - GUNJACKET for rifle

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One of Beartooth's best-selling products. An easy and quick way to add a camouflage to your hunting weapon. Consists of butt protector with ammunition holders and forearm protector. Constructed of durable 2.3 mm neoprene, shock-absorbing, improved shooting comfort and accuracy and prevents unwanted tears and marks on the finish of your weapon. The kit is easy to put on - and remove and the neoprene coating ensures that the product stays in place after installation. If you appreciate your firearms and take camouflage seriously, Beartooth's 2-piece Camo Kit will keep you covered and protected in any situation.

- Reusable - Easy to put on and take off.
- Will not slip, fall off or stretch.
- No tape, adhesives or screws .
- Provides greater shooting comfort that improves accuracy.