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Beartooth: Kindpude


Comb Raising Kit for Shotgun

Comb Raising Kit for Shotgun


Beartooth's Comb Raising Kit is the easiest and most effective way to increase the cheek pad height on your rifle stock.

If your accuracy with your shotgun is suffering due to improper stock fit, or you need help getting up to level with the reticle on your rifle scope, you've found the solution.

The set contains a durable neoprene sleeve and 5 different sizes of hi-density foam inserts. Use only one or a combination of the inserts to remedy a bad installation. Achieve elevation as little as 3mm or up to 16mm. On the inside, there is grippy rubber that keeps the inserts in place.

Technical specifications

  • Neopren sleeve
  • 5 forskellige størrelser hi-density skumindlæg
  • Smoothskin model med ammunitionsstropper til 4 stks. haglpatroner. 
  • Passer til alle skæfter.

The content of the package

  • 5 størrelser kindpuder for alsidighed og justering: 3, 6, 9,5, 12,5, 16 mm.
  • 1 StockGuard neopren sleeve.
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