Collection: GRIZZLY EARS


Hearing protection while hunting is a wise investment. Even when using a silencer, the impulse sound of around 120 dB poses a great risk of hearing damage. Therefore, proper hearing protection with Bluetooth should be a natural part of every hunter's equipment. Hunting is all about precision, and hearing is at least as important as sight. A skilled hunter must be able to hear a branch snap, dogs bark, and communicate with other hunters via the hunting radio.

When you hunt wild boar and are in the middle of a hectic wild boar hunt, it is essential to have hearing protection with Bluetooth so that you can maintain a full overview of the hunting situation. GRIZZLY EARS hearing protection as hunting equipment not only allows you to hear noise in the trees, but it also comes with Bluetooth function, which gives you extra benefits. You can easily connect it to your devices and receive important updates while still protecting your hearing. When the shot lands, the hearing protection removes the harmful sound while allowing you to stay connected so you never miss a thing during the hunt.

With the GRIZZLY EARS earmuffs with Bluetooth, you can secure both your hearing and your ability to stay up-to-date, making it an indispensable tool for any serious hunter.