ShotKam Gen 3 vs. Gen 4: A Comprehensive Comparison

The New Gen 4: What's new?

ShotKam Gen 4 is a veritable symphony of innovation that unfolds an impressive arsenal of cutting-edge features that completely transforms the landscape of shot analysis technology. Here's a deeper look at the most astonishing upgrades:

1. An Experience in 4K video:

Gen 4 shines with a remarkable 4K video experience that captures every microscopic nuance of your image with crystal clear precision. This enhanced visual clarity guarantees that you can analyze your technique with exceptional accuracy and pick up even the smallest adjustments that can lead to an increase in your precision.

2. Turbocharged WiFi:

With WiFi capabilities twice as fast as before, transferring your videos to your devices becomes a lightning-fast process. Seamlessly share your recordings with friends, coaches and colleagues for instant feedback that gives you the opportunity to learn from others.

3. Extended Battery Life:

Battery life has always been a challenge for Action Cameras, but the Gen 4 takes those worries away with a remarkable battery life that's three times longer than previous models. Spend more time fine-tuning your skills on the range and less time wondering about reloads.

4. Zoom in on Perfection:

With the option of up to 8x zoom, you can carefully study your recordings from different angles. This feature is an indispensable resource for analyzing your shooting technique and uncovering potential areas for improvement.

5. Unmatched Performance in Extreme Cold:

Gen 4 thrives even in freezing conditions and can record in temperatures as low as 14°F or -10°C. Now cold weather will no longer hinder your training sessions, ensuring that you can practice all year round without compromise.

ShotKam Gen 3 vs. Gen 4: A Comprehensive Comparison

The Gen 3 is versatile and works effectively on both shotguns and rifles. It is automatically activated by the recoil of your weapon and enables trouble-free recording of your shots. With a playback speed slowed to 1/3, it simulates the human perception of a moving target. This combined with its 21-degree field of view and 4X lens magnification provides unique insight into your footage. It records in Full HD 1080p at 100 frames per second, ensuring careful analysis of all aspects of your performance.

Every ShotKam purchase, whether Gen 3 or Gen 4, includes a 12 Gauge quick-release mount that easily mounts to your barrel. The bracket provides stability for the recording and at the same time protects the barrel from damage. Both models come with a carrying case, charging accessories, internal memory and an internal battery.

While the Gen 3's internal memory can hold up to 2000 videos, the Gen 4 takes it a step further with a spacious internal memory of 128GB, allowing space for up to 3000 videos. In addition, the Gen 4's battery has an impressive lifespan of up to 15 hours, proving its robustness even in extreme cold.


The arrival of ShotKam Gen 4 marks a new era in training cameras. With its 4K video, extended battery life, improved zoom capabilities and exceptional cold performance, it's an irresistible upgrade for any shooting enthusiast. Still, the Gen 3 holds its own with its precision-oriented features and reliable performance.

The choice between ShotKam Gen 3 and Gen 4 ultimately depends on your individual needs and preferences. If you want the ability to zoom and record in 4K, however, you should choose the Shotkam Gen 4. Whichever model you choose, you're investing in a tool that will undoubtedly sharpen your shooting skills and provide invaluable insight into your technique. Seize the future of footage analysis and elevate your performance to new heights with ShotKam's cutting-edge camera systems.

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