One of the most affordable repeater rifles that is quality made and completely reliable.

The Blizzard rifle is created from a single piece of solid steel that has been carefully machined to ensure precision and reliability. The locking seat is manufactured with a built-in Picatinny rail that allows for easy mounting of accessories.


With its beautiful wooden stock made of varnished walnut wood, you get not only a reliable rifle that aims accurately, but also a stylish companion that looks great on the hunt. It is equipped with a soft rubber tailgate that provides a comfortable experience, even with powerful shots.

Guidance Retail price: 7,995 ,-


With its lightweight synthetic stock, this rifle not only gives you easy handling and accurate shooting, but also requires minimal maintenance. So you can focus on the hunt without worries.

Guidance Retail price: 7,495 ,-

  • Easy & Safe

    Special trigger group that is set from the factory for a comfortable pull of approximately 3 lbs / 1.4 kg. It is also equipped with a two-stage safety button for added security.

  • Solid & Precise

    The barrel is created by hammering cold forged steel and it has a special rifling that ensures accurate shots in all conditions. The barrel comes without sights, has an elegant blue finish, a length of 22”/56 cm and a diameter of 0.63”/16 mm at the muzzle, with a thread size of M14x1.

  • Available in calibers to suit your needs

    The rifle is available in various calibers, including .308 Winchester, 8x57 JS, 6.5 Creedmoor and 270 Winchester, so you can choose the variant that best suits your needs.


Through a strong partnership with Sabatti, the Italian manufacturer with an impressive background of over 300 years, we have secured one of the absolute best gun manufacturers to produce the Blizzard rifle. This decision to work with Sabatti was a clear and wise investment in quality and expertise that has strengthened our ability to deliver premium products to our customers.

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