X-Sight 5 is equipped with an advanced Ultra HD sensor that can display as many as 4 million colors during the day. With this high-resolution sensor, you get incredibly colorful and detailed image quality. Whether you're out in nature, spotting wildlife or exploring other areas, X-Sight 5 will give you a realistic and vivid visual experience. The advanced sensor captures the subtle nuances and details of your surroundings, providing superior visual quality and an impressive experience in daylight. With X-Sight 5 you will be able to see the world in a new and vivid way through your binoculars.


X-Sight 5 has improved night vision technology which gives you the opportunity to experience 24 thousand shades of gray at night. With this advanced feature, you can get a clear and detailed view even in low light conditions. Whether hunting, surveillance or other activities that take place at night, X-Sight 5 will ensure that you can detect and identify objects with exceptional sharpness and contrast. With its improved night vision technology, the X-Sight 5 will give you a reliable and impressive visual experience even when darkness descends.


The X-Sight 5 is equipped with the slow motion function, which allows you to record video at an impressive speed of either 120 or 240 frames per second (FPS). This means you can capture movements in extreme detail and watch them played back in slow motion for more thorough analysis. Whether it is for sports activities, shooting or other situations where detailed movements are important, the slow motion function gives you the opportunity to study and enjoy every moment with greater accuracy. With X-Sight 5 you can capture inn and experience even the fastest events in a unique and impressive way.


X-Sight 5 has the ability to record videos in Ultra HD 4K resolution. This means that you can capture your hunting experiences or other moments in incredibly high image quality with extraordinary sharpness and detail. By recording in 4K resolution, you can recreate and share your adventures in outstanding clarity and color. Whether it's to preserve memories, share them with friends and family, or simply document your exploits, X-Sight 5 will deliver impressive 4K video footage that will bring your experiences back to life.


X-Sight 5 is designed with an innovative product concept that combines low weight, a high-resolution display with glass optics, classic ergonomics and a comfortable eye distance of 90 mm. The lightweight design makes it easy to carry and use the binoculars for long periods without effort. The high-resolution display with glass optics provides a sharp and detailed visual experience with impressive clarity. With the classic ergonomics, you will achieve comfortable and intuitive use of the binoculars. The comfortable eye distance of 90 mm ensures a pleasant experience, even during prolonged use. With these innovative design elements, you get binoculars that are both functional and comfortable to use in all situations.


Now you can create unique custom reticles with the easy-to-use ATN Reticle Editor. Create, use and share them with friends.

With ATN Reticle Editor, you have the opportunity to create reticles according to your own preferences and needs. The tool is intuitive and easy to use, so you can create your very own personal mask mask. Adjust size, shape, color and other parameters to create the perfect target for your shooting activities.


The X-Sight 5's ballistic calculator allows for quick and accurate adjustments to adapt to changing conditions, giving you increased precision and reliability. This tool is invaluable for hunters and shooters who strive to achieve the best possible result at different distances and under varying conditions.


X-Sight 5 makes it possible for you to share your momentary experiences with friends, family and followers by live streaming directly to YouTube. Whether it's during an exciting hunt, a nature hunt or some other adventure, you can let others join and experience it in real time.

The flexible connection to your WiFi network makes it easy to transfer and share your videos with other devices. You can quickly and conveniently transfer your recordings to your smartphone, tablet or computer and display your adventures for everyone to enjoy.


Click on the video below to see X-SIGHT Gen. 5 in action and be inspired by your own adventures.


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