TQ60Z 2.0

The TQ60Z 2.0 is equipped with a 640 sensor and two impressive lenses - a 35mm F0.9 and a 60mm F1.1 - giving you a wide field of view of 22 meters and a zoom function that starts at 1.8x. This makes it perfectly suited for long-range hunting, where you can detect targets up to 3000 meters away. Whether you are in the woods or the field, the TQ60Z 2.0 will be your reliable companion and help you achieve success in your hunting experience.

TH50Z 2.0

The TH50Z 2.0 has an impressive magnification capacity of 2.2x to 34.6x thanks to its 384 detector with a remarkable sensitivity of 20mK. This makes it the ideal choice whether you are in wooded areas or open countryside. In addition, its significant aperture of 0.8 also enhances your ability to observe objects with exceptional clarity.

Vivid and informative images

With an incredibly sensitive thermal detector (NETD<20mK) that unites a powerful thermal camera with an impressive resolution of up to 640x512 pixels, and an impressive optical performance of F0.9/F1.1, THUNDER ZOOM 2.0 guarantees a superior ability to to capture detailed and nuanced images, even in the most minimal temperature variations.


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Large aperture enhances the ability for precise identification

The extremely large aperture ensures a significantly improved ability to capture thermal radiation and guarantees that no details are lost. Furthermore, different lens combinations enable easy separation of the target from the background, increasing identification precision.

Optical Zoom: Keep the high quality of the images even under heavy zoom.

THUNDER ZOOM 2.0 revolutionizes the experience with an impressive optical zoom technology that doubles the field of view (FOV). Switching from a 35mm camera to a 60mm camera increases magnification from 1.8x to 3.1x, allowing for powerful zooming without loss of image quality.

Intuitive Insertion

The interpolation is automatically adjusted when switching between the two lenses, meaning you only need to reset once for both lenses at the same time. This efficient system saves both time and ammunition! Note that the reset must be performed using the smaller FOV lens (either the 50mm lens in the TH50Z 2.0 or the 60mm lens in the TQ60Z 2.0).

High shock resistance up to 1000g/0.4ms

High impact resistance even on larger calibers such as .375 H&H, 12-gauge and 9.3 × 64

Impressively long operating time and possibility of direct charging.

Two new battery packs extend the working time considerably to over 13 hours and can be charged conveniently directly in the device. In addition, it exhibits exceptional performance, especially in low temperature environments, giving it a clear advantage over the competition.

Impressively long detection range.

With an advanced image sensor and premium lenses, THUNDER ZOOM 2.0 can detect objects up to 1.7 meters in size from a distance of up to 3000 meters, even in total darkness.

Share your exciting moments

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