The ATN Mars LTV 160 delivers unsurpassed clarity when it comes to heat signals. With its advanced technology and high-resolution images, it makes it possible to detect and identify heat sources in a very clear way. When it comes to hunting, you can trust that the ATN Mars LTV 160 gives you an exceptional and clear thermal imaging experience.


With the ATN Mars LTV 160, you get a classic and ergonomic design that gives the feeling of a traditional binocular sight. The new eyepiece assembly gives you a traditional binocular sighting experience with an eye distance of 3". By maintaining the traditional design concept, you can easily adapt to the ATN Mars LTV 160 and enjoy the comfort of a well-known and ergonomic look.


With the ATN Mars LTV 160, inserting your target grain has never been easier thanks to One Shot Zero. Take a shot, adjust your reticle, and you're ready to go. With this feature, you only need to make one shot to precisely align your reticle. Save time and hassle by using One Shot Zero on the ATN Mars LTV 160 and be ready to go into action with confidence.


Play your hunting adventures to share your experiences with friends, family and on social media. With the MARS LTV 160, you can easily and conveniently record your hunting experiences and take them home. Whether it's the perfect picture or exciting moments in nature, you can capture everything with this thermal mask. Share your adventures and let others share in your experiences with the advanced recording capabilities of the MARS LTV 160


The ATN MARS LTV is the lightest thermal scope in the ATN MARS series and offers greater versatility for mounting on an air rifle or other platforms where weight is critical. With its light construction, the MARS LTV is ideal for situations where every gram counts. Either way, you will enjoy the benefits of the ATN MARS LTV's low weight, which provides greater freedom of movement and maneuverability without compromising precision and performance.


The ATN Mars LTV 160 is equipped with an impressively low battery consumption, which means you can use it continuously for up to 9 hours. This gives you reliable and long-lasting use without having to worry about the battery running out. Regardless of whether you are out on a full-day hunting expedition or need to use the binoculars during long surveillance missions, you can rely on the ATN Mars LTV 160 to deliver a constant power supply. With this long battery life, you can focus on your adventures without interruption


Click on the video below to see the MARS LTV in action and be inspired by your own adventures.


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