Meet CONDOR, HIKMICRO's latest shot at thermal monoculars, following in GRYPHON's footsteps. CONDOR is tailored for first-class imaging with an impressive NETD<20mK sensitivity, a smart imaging algorithm and a built-in 1000m laser rangefinder. All wrapped up in an ergonomic design that sets new standards for image quality and precise distance measurement.

Sensors with High Precision:

CONDOR is armed with cutting-edge technology, including advanced sensors and a NETD value of 20mK. This guarantees an unrivaled thermal sensitivity and extreme precision in image reproduction. In addition, CONDOR uses a powerful 640 × 512 @12 μm infrared sensor, which delivers razor-sharp and extremely detailed image quality in high resolution.

User-friendly Interface:

CONDOR impresses with a user-friendly interface that makes operation simple and intuitive. With UI 2.0 and lightning-fast startup in just 3 seconds, it's always ready to use. The screen automatically turns off to save energy, and it's easy to customize the settings for a personal visual experience.


Configure Condor easily with the HIKMICRO SIGHT App. Here you can see live recording from the camera, update it and much more.

Groundbreaking Image Quality & Incredible Details

CONDOR sets new standards for image quality thanks to Image Pro, which maximizes digital image optimization. This results in impressive reproduction of both target and background, especially at the original magnification.

Zoom Pro
With Zoom Pro you get sharp images with an improved signal-to-noise ratio and incredible detail, especially under digital zoom. This makes CONDOR the ultimate tool for discovering even the smallest details of your observations.

Practical Magnetic Cover:

CONDOR comes with a smart magnetic cover that makes it easy to put on and take off. This innovative design ensures that your lens is protected while being convenient and user-friendly. No worries about loss or hassle.

Precise Laser Rangefinder:

CONDOR is equipped with a reliable 1000 meter laser rangefinder. This advanced technology ensures accurate measurement of the distance in different scenarios, which is crucial for the precision of your observations.

Ergonomic Design for Comfort:

CONDOR's ergonomic design is created with a focus on user comfort. The compact and lightweight form factor fits well in the hand and enables simple one-handed use. The soft and skin-friendly material contributes to a pleasant experience, regardless of where you use the device.


CONDOR has a long battery life that ensures it is always ready for use. With a lightning-fast start of just 3 seconds and the ability to change batteries, you can trust that the CONDOR will continue to perform for up to 13.5 hours.


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