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HikMicro - G60 Termografi kamera (G60)


HIKMICRO G60 Expert Thermal Imaging Camera with 640x512 Thermal Resolution and Full Analysis Functions

The G60 Thermal Imager features an ultra high resolution of 640 x 512 px with a temperature range of -20°C to 650°C (-4°F to 1202°F) and a refresh rate of 50Hz. The G60 offers 3 types of focus modes (automatic, manual, and laser measuring assistant) to get clear image and an accurate temperature measurement in a variety of scenarios.

The G60 allows for interchangeable lenses. Each lens changes the field of view to fit your needs. An embedded laser distance meter is included to provide long distance accuracy.

The G60 can connect to mobile devices via built-in wifi. Quickly share images with he HIKMICRO Viewer app.

  • 640 × 512 (327,680 pixels) IR resolution
  • 3 types of focus mode (automatic focus, manual focus, and laser measuring assistant focus) for clear images and more accurate temperature measurements
  • Option for interchangeable lenses for different scenarios
  • Embedded laser distance meter
  • Connect to Wi-Fi mobile devices and use the Viewer app to quickly share images
  • 50Hz image frequency
  • Includes a high temperature audible warning
  • Measurement presets: Center spot, hot spot, cold spot, 10 point presets, 1 line preset, 3 area presets
  • Allows for up 64 GB Micro SD storage
  • IP54 water and dust resistant