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HikMicro - M10 Termografi kamera (M10)


HIKMICRO M10 Professional Thermal Imaging Camera with 160x120 Thermal Resolution and Full Analysis Functions

The Thermographic Handheld Camera is a device with both optical images and thermal images. It can do thermography, video recording, snapshot capturing, alarm, and it can connect to Wi-Fi, hotspot and Bluetooth. The built-in high-sensitivity IR detector and high-performance sensor detects the variation of temperature and measure the real-time temperature. The picture-in-picture technique of the camera and the fusion of optical view and thermal view, enhances the details of the images display. It supports multiple palettes and alarm types. When the detected temperature in the scene does not match with the alarm rules, the device alarms by color of the palette mode automatically. It helps to find the risky part and lower your property loss.

The device is easy to use, and adopts ergonomic design. It is widely applied to substations, electricity prevention detection of companies, and reconnaissance survey of construction field.

  • Thermal resolution: 160 × 120 (19,200 pixels)
  • NETD: < 40mK (@ 25°C, F#=1.0)
  • Temperature measurement range: -20°C to 550°C (-4°F - 1022°F)
  • Accuracy: Max (±2°C, ±2%)
  • Measurement Presets: Center Spot, Hot Spot, Cold Spot, Off
  • Manual focus
  • 25 Hz image frequency
  • 3.5" LCD touch screen display