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HikMicro - B20 Termografi kamera


Compact Thermal Imaging Camera with WiFi, 256x192 Thermal Resolution

The HikMicro B20 is designed for temperature measurement to find invisible faults. The compact thermal imaging camera is equipped with a 256 × 192 resolution HIKMICRO thermal detector and a 2MP optical detector. The thermography ranges from -20°C to 550°C (-4°F to 1022°F). The HikMicro B20 applications include use in various industries, such as building, HVAC, and the auto industries.

HikMicro B20 Features and Functions

  • HikMicro VOx detector 256x192 thermal resolution (NETD < 40 mK)
  • Multiple image modes - Thermal, Fusion, PIP, Optical
  • Measurement presets - center spot, hot spot, cold spot, off
  • 3.2in color LCD display
  • WiFi Connectivity - connect to a mobile device, HikMicro Viewer App
  • High-temperature alarm - audio/visual alerts to high temperatures
  • LED work light - work safely in dark environments
  • Color palettes - white hot, black hot, rainbow, iron bow
  • HikMicro Analyzer Software - offers flexible ways to analyze info ( points, rectangles and more)
  • Auto-Range - changes temperature measurement based on detected temp of target
  • 25 Hz fast image frequency - smooth video, measurements if panning scenes, moving targets
  • 6hrs continuous running battery life
  • Field of View - 37.2° x 50.0°