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Pard NV008 Night Binoculars

By Pard
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PARD008 Is a serious night vision binoculars for fixed mounting on your rifle.
PARD008 is a digital night vision binoculars that use IR flashlight for you to see at night.
Once the binoculars are mounted - which we can help with, it must be shot in, but it is very easy. 1 shot and the binoculars register your hit point then the reticle on the binoculars is moved to the dot, it is very easy.
We sell various mounts for most rifles, but in general it can be mounted on almost all rails.

So you do not use your regular binoculars when you use pard008, aiming device is either green or red

The sight is best suited for shots at distances from 20-120 meters.

You can record video at night and play afterwards.

There is also wifi in for file transfer etc.

Digital zoom up to 12 times, and optical up to 6 times

Weight approx. 600 grams

Video format: 1080P in MP4 - memory stored on Micro Sd Card

Ir Flashlight is reasonable by standard: 5w 850nm IR flashlight, suitable for shots of up to 120 meters

It is advisable to buy extra battery and charger.

Requires permission

Fill in tips.

  • Optics - Night Vision
  • Make - Model
  • Note - serial number is not required!
  • Hunting use abroad