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Pard - NV007 Clip-On Night Binoculars inc. adapter

By Pard
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Countless of this model have been sold in the past year. And not without reason, it is an easy and fast setup to use for night hunting, you are also running for less than 4000, - kr

Put the Pard NV007 on the back of your binoculars' eyepiece, then you can use the binoculars and the built-in ir flashlight to see at night in your sight.

No deposit required

Small and handy approx. 12 12 cm and weighs less than 300 grams.

Recoil resistant up to caliber 308

The sight is best suited for shots at distances from 20-120 meters.

You can record video at night and play back afterwards.

Video format: 1080P in MP4 - memory stored on Micro Sd Card
Battery lasts for up to 8 hours on battery type 18650
Ir Flashlight is reasonable by standard: 5w 850nm IR flashlight, suitable for shots up to 120 meters

Easy installation
Digital zoom function
Built-in WiFi so you can record and on your phone or tablet
Standby mode

Requires permission

Click here to apply for permission, but you must order first so you can get series no. for use in entering - you must complete the following steps - when permission has been received from you by the police, we must have it when handing out the binoculars