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ATN: Thermal Monocular

Odin LT 320 35mm Thermal Hand Spotter

Odin LT 320 35mm Thermal Hand Spotter

MSRP: 16.795 SEK Incl. VAT

The ATN Odin 320 35mm is a thermal hand spotter manufactured by ATN, a company that specializes in producing high quality hunting and tactical optics.

Designed to be used as a hand-held or head-mounted unit, the Odin 320 35mm offers a thermal image that allows the user to see in complete darkness or through smoke, fog and other environmental conditions that may obscure vision.

The Odin 320 35mm hand spotter has a 320x240 thermal sensor resolution and a 35mm lens, which provides a wide field of view. The handheld spotter also features an HD screen that provides clear, high-resolution images, as well as an advanced reticle system that allows for accurate targeting and ranging.

It has a robust and durable construction, which makes it suitable for use in harsh conditions.

Overall, the ATN Odin 320 35mm is a high-performance thermal handheld spotter that offers advanced features for hunting and other outdoor activities with a focus on handheld or head-mounted use.

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