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Sight Pro Fission 2.0

Sight Pro Fission 2.0

Vejl. Udsalgspris: 1.195 DKK Inkl. Moms

Sight Pro constitutes a technologically advanced safety system: it actually has different reticles chosen from among the most suitable for rapid shooting with rifles, pistols and rifles.
Despite its small size, the 7245 FISSION 2.0 model offers a wide field of view for rapid firing of moving targets.
You can choose the red dot in 5 different intensities depending on the environment, and it has a convenient switch to turn it on and off.

Technical specifications

  • Diameter: 0.66”x0.9” – 17x23mm
  • Længde: 1.6” – 43mm
  • Vægt: 1.7oz – 50gr
  • Dot størrelse: 4 M.O.A.
  • Synsfelt ved 100 yards: 115’/100YDS
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