Stellar Thermal Scope 50mm w. LRF (SQ50L)

Stellar Thermal Scope 50mm w. LRF (SQ50L)

Hikmicro: Thermal Scope



The Stellar Series is a thermal scope. The thermal optics is an image based on heat. This means that you can tell the difference between hot and cold objects. Stellar is a must when hunting after dark. It provides a nice and sharp image, which provides a safe point of impact. The Staller series is designed as a general. scope. The Stellar series is equipped with an OLED screen that provides a high contrast and brightness. In addition, the resolution is mostly better than an LCOS display.

Video function: With all HikMicro products, you can record video of what you see in the device. This means that you can immortalize your shots with Stellar,

- Up to 2600 meters
- 640x512 Sensor
- 0.39" 1024x768 OLED screen
- IP67 waterproof
- Recoil activation of the video recording function
- Weight 890 g. excl. batteries

3 year warranty on all HikMicro products

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