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Hikmicro - Lynx Pro 10mm Thermal Hand Spotter

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€460,00 - €460,00
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The Lynx series is the most popular series from HikMicro. Lynx is a thermal spotter with a handy design of strong rubber grip. It is especially popular because of its compactness, which makes it easy to carry in your pocket. The Lynx model is equipped with an LCOS screen which has a resolution that varies from 720x540 to 1280x960. In addition, it is easy to operate just like all the other products from HikMicro. Lynx model is made with the thermal colors black hot, white hot, red hot and fusion.

Video function: With all HikMicro products you can record video of what you see in the product. That is, you can immortalize shots with the Thunder, and immortalize cool hunting experiences with the Lynx, Owl, and Gryphon.

- Up to 450 meters
- 256x192 Sensor
- LCOS monitor 720x540
- IP67 waterproof
- Weight 260 g.

3 year warranty on all HikMicro products