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HikMicro - MACRO lens - Termografi kamera (B-series)

SKU HM-B201-Macro

HIKMICRO HM-B201-MACRO macro lens allows you to focus extremely close up 30 mm on a very small subject so that it appears much larger in the view (and in the final image), compared to the standard lens. It allows you to capture accurate temperature measurements of small targets as small as 500 µm × 500 µm without changing the lens.

Get an incredibly detailed image of very small objects, so you can gain insight into thermal buildup and dissipation on printed circuit boards, identify a faulty or undersized component, or potentially even pinpoint precise faulty locations on electrical equipment.

HIKMICRO HM-B201-MACRO macro lens is compatible with the B series (B10, B20, B1L, B2L) thermography cameras.

Available model:HM-B201-MACRO