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Aqua2Go - Mobile High Pressure Cleaner

Aqua2Go - Mobile High Pressure Cleaner


MSRP: 1399 DKK Incl. VAT

Aqua2Go is a small mobile waterworks / high pressure cleaner which is super useful for many things, such as washing hands, washing boots, washing a car, cleaning knives or if you want to rinse the game. A good, efficient and reasonably priced solution. Coil head with many jet setting options.

Charges internal battery 12V, mains plug charger, weight 7.7 kg, water tank 16 litres, charging time 4 hours, operating time approx. 20 min on a charge,

What you get: Aqua2Go, hose, spray nozzle, shower head, 12 V cable and charger for 220 V.

The dog
Most hunters know that after a good hunting trip, footwear and especially the dog are really dirty. Even with a cage and mat, it only takes one shaking trip from the dog before the car requires a major cleaning. What you want is to wash your dog before he gets in the car and to clean the dirty shoes before the trip home.

Roe deer/wild boar
Several hunters use Nomad high-pressure washers for cleaning dead deer game/wild boar at a possible stomach shots, where it is often difficult to get water.

The hunting lodge
Others are very happy with the Nomad high-pressure washer in the hunting lodge, as you avoid having to switch on the generator every time you need to get water. With 2-3 separate thoughts you can go a long way. With the help of Nomad, several hunters wash larger or smaller parts of the body in odor-reducing soap to reduce the possibility of game, to get the movement of humans and thereby increase hunting prey.

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