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Aqua2Go - Pro Mobile 18V High Pressure Cleaner

By Aqua2Go
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€150,00 - €150,00
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Latest new model, more power and greater application possibilities.
Charger via 12 volt plug, strong water jet of up to 80 bar, the market's largest tank with 20 liters, so you run out of water late.
At the same time there is a powerful flashlight, so you never lack light and the possibility of charging the smartphone, means you can always get in touch with others.
Pro 1 comes complete with tank, battery, flashlight, pump, hose , charger, spray nozzle and manual.
This is like a Swiss Army knife in mobile washing.
This pump is for "him" who will never go down on equipment.

The dog
Most hunters know that after a good hunting trip, footwear and especially the dog is really dirty. Even with a cage and mat, it only takes one shake from the dog before the car requires a major head cleaning. What you want is to wash your dog before getting into the car and to clean the dirty footwear before the trip home. Therefore, you should consider looking at this Nomad, the tank can also be taken off so you can fill the tank in a lake or stream. The 14 liters of water comes via an adjustable spray nozzle with a pressure up to 98 PSI, just enough to take mud off footwear, but gentle enough for the dog. The battery can run constantly for 30 minutes or 4 full tanks. Depending on how muddy your dog, footwear and other things are, you can wash 2-3 dogs in a tank of water. any power restriction.

Deer / wild boar
Several hunters use Nomad high-pressure washers to clean killed deer / wild boar at a possible stomach shots where it is often difficult to get water.

The hunting lodge
Others greatly enjoy the Nomad high-pressure washer in the hunting lodge, as it is avoided that the generator has to be switched on every time water is to be obtained. With 2-3 separate tanks you can get far. Several hunters wash with the help of Nomad, larger or smaller parts of the body in odor-reducing soap to reduce the game's ability, to get the fright of man and thereby increase the hunting prey.