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Aqua2Go - Handy - Portable High Pressure Cleaner

Aqua2Go - Handy - Portable High Pressure Cleaner


MSRP: 1599 DKK Incl. VAT

The portable high-pressure cleaner for indoor and outdoor use. Low water consumption and high water pressure, energy-saving and environmentally friendly. Extremely handy, durable, safe and beautiful design. Light and compact.

Pressure: 14-20 BAR Voltage: 20V (DC) Motor power: 130 W. Flow rate: 3.5 l / min Charger input: AC 100-240V 50Hz / 60Hz Charging time: 3.5-4 hours Operating time: 25 minutes

Size: 458 x 208 x 83 mm NET WEIGHT: 1.9 kg

- Aqua2Go high-pressure cleaner
- Battery powered with external water tank
- External 35 liter tank
- 14-20 Bar pressure
- 25 minutes of continuous use
- Charging time approx. 4 hours
- Can withstand hot water 45°C
- Internal battery or 12 volt plug
- 220 volt plug for charging and use
- Spray head adjustable for soft or hard jet
- 5 meter hose
- Hard case for transport included

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